June 3, 2008

Rockin' Out

Yesterday I added a video of She & Him performing at SXSW to the sidebar.  I'm really digging them right now.  I only got to go to one day of shows at this year's SXSW because of a business trip.  So, I had to live vicariously through Joanthan...because he never misses a good concert.  

Jonathan & I try to go to concerts often.  It's an activity that both of us enjoy and usually we can agree on what bands to see.  Before Jonathan & started dating I rarely attended live music events.  Since then I've had some really great concert experiences.  Here are my top 5 concerts so far (b/c I fully expect to see many more in the future!) and in no particular order:

  1. Guster - Jonathan & I went to see Guster at a smallish club in Houston in 2005.  I've seen them since then, but it was never as good as that first concert.  I was so amazed by drummer, Brian Rosenworcel, and his ability to play not only the bongos but regular drums with just his hands...no drumsticks!  Adam & Ryan's vocals were just amazing & I've been such a huge fan ever since.
  2. Kanye West - I've seen Kanye twice.  Once in Feb. 2006 in Birmingham, England & then in April 2008 here in Austin.  Both concerts were absolutely amazing.  He is a master performer.  Sure he's arrogant as all get out, but he'll definitely make you feel like you got more than your money's worth every time.

  3. Coldplay - At ACL 2005, Coldplay was the headliner.  This was in the era of the X&Y album.  This band put on an amazing concert.  I fell in love with Chris Martin during that show.  So jealous of Gwyneth!

  4. Bloc Party - Another act we saw at ACL 2005.  These guys rocked my face off!  We managed to fight our way towards the front of the stage so we could see Kele up close.  It was an amazing concert all around.

  5. Albert Hammond Jr. - If his name sounds strangely familiar and your now sure why, it's because AHJ is a part of another awesome band, The Strokes.  We saw him about a year ago at The Parish here in Austin.  It was a great show and the first time I ever attended a concert of someone I had never heard of and wanted to immediately go buy the CD.  
Living in the Live Music Capital of the World has it's perks.  What are your favorite concerts of all time? 

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