June 18, 2008

Charlotte Poughkeepsied in her pants!

Jonathan & I had a date night last night.  I've been teasing him for a couple weeks that we need to go see Sex and the City.  I say teasing because Jonathan hates to do anything that might be considered even slightly girly.  I never really thought he'd go for it.  See I know it's a movie I should see with my friends but these days I rarely see my girls.  We're all so busy with work and half of them have significant others who live out of town and/or they travel for work.  So it's pretty rare that we're all in town at the same time with nothing going on.

So, Jonathan surprised me yesterday afternoon by IMing me at work and asking if I wanted to have a date night.  He suggested dinner and a movie.  The sweet fella bought tickets on fandango for SATC without me even having to ask.  So, we had dinner at La Madeleine... which I love!  I had the shrimp crepe...I strayed from my usual Caesar Salad & cup of Tomato Basil soup....it was deeeeelicious!

Then we were off to SATC.  I LOVED it!!!!  It was like watching 3 or 4 of SATC shows at once!  The clothes were amazing...although I did have a problem with one of Patricia Field's costume choices.  Towards the end when Carrie & Miranda are talking in the park...Miranda has on these knee high boots with fringe over jeans.  Miranda would NEVER wear that!  

Other than that little knit pick, I really enjoyed the movie.  It made me laugh, cry, & smile....a lot!  If you're like me and are a huge Sex and the City fan & haven't been able to see the movie yet...go see it!

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  1. Sex and the City seems to have a polarizing effect on both men and women... people either love the movie or they hate it


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