June 5, 2008

Exposaroonie | Friendship is...

This week's Exposaroonie challenge is "Friendship is..." I really had a hard time deciding how I wanted to approach this challenge. I had dinner with a couple friends this week, but like a dork, I forgot my camera every time. So, leave it to me to wait until the last possible moment to take my picture & upload it. Of course I wore the battery out on my camera & we don't have a card scanner. So, right now I've got my battery charging while I type this post. That way I can upload the pictures I took and actually enter the contest :)

20 min later....

So, here's my choices:

I'm going with the last one as my entry. Lola kissing Jonathan is just so stinkin cute. I love my little family! Even if it does only consist of us two humans, two dogs, & two cats.

I swear I can take pictures of other things than my dogs, but jeez, dogs are mans best friend, ya know! I mean, that's what Friendship is...

Yay Exposaroonie! If you want to vote for my submission, you can here.

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