October 16, 2008

Yeah well, that’s just, ya know, like your opinion man

After such an amazing win last week, Jonathan & I decided that we HAD to go to the Missouri game this weekend.  We have a couple friends coming in town and we were somehow able to find someone selling 4 tickets...so not only are we going to be able to all sit together, the price also included a parking pass, score!

Going to a Texas game is always fun.  Tailgating before the game...almost as much fun!  I'm really looking forward to heading out to the pre-game tailgate.  And the game isn't until 7pm.  So, that's a whole day of congregating with old friends I haven't seen since last year's tailgate, eating queso from a giant crock pot, drinking Miller Lite from a keg, hanging out in the shade of the big ole UT themed bus:

Hehe!  I "borrowed" a friends picture on facebook... as you can tell, I'm an expert at Photoshop!

It's gonna be an all out good time!  Texas Texas Yee Haw!

Will you be tailgating this weekend?

October 13, 2008

We're #1!!

After Texas' big win over OU on Saturday...which OMG, did you see that game? it was the best game EVER!  Texas was seriously worrying me during the first half...and then the first possession of the second half...holy moly I was nervous.  But then...then!  We kicked some major butt!  Shipley with his amazing return...Ogbannaya with his funny name, serious skills.  We just shined!  Texas, Texas Yee Haw!!

So yeah, after the big win...we're ranked #1 in both polls!  Go Texas!  Unfortunately, I was too busy screaming at the TV & high five-ing Jonathan to get really good picks but you can see what our early afternoon consisted of:

A few whiskey & cokes A few delicious mimosas

Seriously we were so happy after the game, we didn't know what to do with ourselves.  I headed over to hang out with some friends & watch some other Big 12 action...Tech vs. Nebraska.  Then Jonathan joined us for some delicious Tex-Mex at our neighborhood Nuevo Leon.  Yuummm... queso...

Since we were so incredibly full from Nuevo Leon, we all decided to burn some calories playing Rock Band 2.  We made an awesome band called Full House.  

Jonathan, aka "Uncle Jesse", was on guitar... he even gave his character a sweet mullet a la late 80s Uncle Jesse.  

My good friend Sal was "Uncle Joey" ... I was "Steph" on the mic & my gal E-Dub was "Deej"!  It was hilarious!  Unfortunately you can only have 4 band members so Danny & Michelle got left out... still, we rocked out.

Not sure I'm as big a fan of Rock Band 2.  I've only done the on tour part & you're limited on what songs you can play.  So far, there are quite a few I'm unfamiliar with.  Jonathan & I have our own band, "Gigga What?", referencing our last name that has a lot of "G"s in it... so hopefully we can keep rockin out & get to play more songs.

It's really the only video game I'll play.  Do you play Rock Band?  Have you tried the new one?  Do you like it more than I do?

Happy Monday!  Hook 'Em!!

October 10, 2008

Hook 'Em Horns!

I'm pretty sure I've failed to share with you my love for Texas Football.  Well, now I'm here to tell you.  I bleed burnt orange.  Work has prevented me from attending a game this year.  Which is extremely unusual.  In college, I always had season tickets.  Sitting in the student section at a UT game is the most fun.  So much energy.  

Unfortunately, now that I'm off the parents payroll, I can't afford season tickets.  But, it's really easy to find someone selling tickets if you just show up to the stadium.  Walking around the tailgates is usually a good idea because there's always that one person who gets a little too tipsy to actually go to the game & they are more than happy to give you their ticket for a dirt cheap price...or usually even for free.

Image by aecela via Flickr

So this weekend is a HUGE game.  The "Red River Rivalry" formally known before PCness took over everything as the "Red River Shootout".  This game between Texas and OU is always held in Dallas at the Cotton Bowl.  The game always happens during the Texas State Fair which is pretty sweet.  You're always greeted by Big Tex & you can get roasted corn & funnel cakes...mmm...funnel cakes.

Unfortunately Jonathan & I won't be going to Dallas this weekend.  But, we'll be rooting on the Horns in our burnt orange gear from the comfort of our fabulous living room!

I ♥ Colt McCoy!  Hook 'Em Horns!!!  Beat the Hell Outta OU!

October 4, 2008

Austin City Limits Recap in Pictures

Jonathan & I had a great time at the music festival last weekend. It's taken a while for me to get around to uploading all the photos and videos we took over the three day event... but here ya go... our ACL weekend in pictures:

ACL Barton Springs Entrance

Vampire Weekend, our first show of the weekend

Ezra Koeing, lead singer of Vampire Weekend, getting his groove on with a little soft shoe action

We spend a lot of time standing in line at the BAR

Hot Chip

Our "It's HOOOOOT" face

Mmmmm...BIG ASS Heineken

Mmmm...BIG ASS Bud Light (how white trash is my drink?!...oh well... when in Rome...)


MGMT "Kids" Kinda shaky but I love how you get a feel for how much the crowd was loving it.

White Denim had a rockin set!

While trying to figure out what settings to use to catch the Austin skyline...I managed to catch a shot of the incredible amount of dust in the air. This was Saturday too...much worse on Sunday!

OK...who else had black boogers?? Don't lie...