July 3, 2008

Exposaroonie | Vintage

It's Exposaroonie time again :) This week the Challenge was to take a photo with a Vintage feel. I decided to use one of the actions the Exposaroonie gals suggested: Autumn Love Actions....check it out. It's a super cool action and best of all it's free.

Jonathan gave me several bouquets of flowers along with my super special birthday present (more on that later). I had put to of the cute frilly flowers in vases on our dresser...which has a sort of vintage look to it. So, the setting plus the awesome Autumn Love Action and voila!! My submission:

You can vote for your favorite here.

Happy Independence Day!!


  1. Thanks Rachel! I'm still in the learning stages of photography. This contest has come amazing entries. If you haven't browsed through, check em out! Sadly, I think I'm destined to lose this one :)

  2. Those flowers are so beautiful! I've never received a bouquet other than those cheesy ones you buy at the grocery store so I am deffinetly jealous!
    And your photo is beautiful!


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