October 16, 2008

Yeah well, that’s just, ya know, like your opinion man

After such an amazing win last week, Jonathan & I decided that we HAD to go to the Missouri game this weekend.  We have a couple friends coming in town and we were somehow able to find someone selling 4 tickets...so not only are we going to be able to all sit together, the price also included a parking pass, score!

Going to a Texas game is always fun.  Tailgating before the game...almost as much fun!  I'm really looking forward to heading out to the pre-game tailgate.  And the game isn't until 7pm.  So, that's a whole day of congregating with old friends I haven't seen since last year's tailgate, eating queso from a giant crock pot, drinking Miller Lite from a keg, hanging out in the shade of the big ole UT themed bus:

Hehe!  I "borrowed" a friends picture on facebook... as you can tell, I'm an expert at Photoshop!

It's gonna be an all out good time!  Texas Texas Yee Haw!

Will you be tailgating this weekend?


  1. Ha! I love the picture! I went to a teeny-tiny private school in the South where we tailgated in sundresses. Not what I think of when I think of a football tailage! My husband went to Penn State, so now I get to enjoy huge, fun traditional football tailgating! Have fun this weekend :)

  2. la petite - Oh I bet Penn State fans do it up right with their tailgates. I have quite a few friends who went to smaller private schools & I've heard about this having to dress up for a football game...I agree, it never felt quite right


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