October 13, 2008

We're #1!!

After Texas' big win over OU on Saturday...which OMG, did you see that game? it was the best game EVER!  Texas was seriously worrying me during the first half...and then the first possession of the second half...holy moly I was nervous.  But then...then!  We kicked some major butt!  Shipley with his amazing return...Ogbannaya with his funny name, serious skills.  We just shined!  Texas, Texas Yee Haw!!

So yeah, after the big win...we're ranked #1 in both polls!  Go Texas!  Unfortunately, I was too busy screaming at the TV & high five-ing Jonathan to get really good picks but you can see what our early afternoon consisted of:

A few whiskey & cokes A few delicious mimosas

Seriously we were so happy after the game, we didn't know what to do with ourselves.  I headed over to hang out with some friends & watch some other Big 12 action...Tech vs. Nebraska.  Then Jonathan joined us for some delicious Tex-Mex at our neighborhood Nuevo Leon.  Yuummm... queso...

Since we were so incredibly full from Nuevo Leon, we all decided to burn some calories playing Rock Band 2.  We made an awesome band called Full House.  

Jonathan, aka "Uncle Jesse", was on guitar... he even gave his character a sweet mullet a la late 80s Uncle Jesse.  

My good friend Sal was "Uncle Joey" ... I was "Steph" on the mic & my gal E-Dub was "Deej"!  It was hilarious!  Unfortunately you can only have 4 band members so Danny & Michelle got left out... still, we rocked out.

Not sure I'm as big a fan of Rock Band 2.  I've only done the on tour part & you're limited on what songs you can play.  So far, there are quite a few I'm unfamiliar with.  Jonathan & I have our own band, "Gigga What?", referencing our last name that has a lot of "G"s in it... so hopefully we can keep rockin out & get to play more songs.

It's really the only video game I'll play.  Do you play Rock Band?  Have you tried the new one?  Do you like it more than I do?

Happy Monday!  Hook 'Em!!


  1. I love it! I am still the biggest fan of Full House (shh!) :)

  2. AHHH!! I ran across your blog through a random click...I am from Texas but moved to France and I soooo miss cheap (translate "not-so-good") beer (Miller/Coors Light) and college football!! It was like a little swig of Shiner Bock reading your post. Ahhh...I didn't go to UT, but I like the horns too. Cougar High baby!! (UofH)

    Thanks for the read...


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