October 4, 2008

Austin City Limits Recap in Pictures

Jonathan & I had a great time at the music festival last weekend. It's taken a while for me to get around to uploading all the photos and videos we took over the three day event... but here ya go... our ACL weekend in pictures:

ACL Barton Springs Entrance

Vampire Weekend, our first show of the weekend

Ezra Koeing, lead singer of Vampire Weekend, getting his groove on with a little soft shoe action

We spend a lot of time standing in line at the BAR

Hot Chip

Our "It's HOOOOOT" face

Mmmmm...BIG ASS Heineken

Mmmm...BIG ASS Bud Light (how white trash is my drink?!...oh well... when in Rome...)


MGMT "Kids" Kinda shaky but I love how you get a feel for how much the crowd was loving it.

White Denim had a rockin set!

While trying to figure out what settings to use to catch the Austin skyline...I managed to catch a shot of the incredible amount of dust in the air. This was Saturday too...much worse on Sunday!

OK...who else had black boogers?? Don't lie...

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  1. Ahhh...the old non-knee related ACL. Looks like fun!


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