October 10, 2008

Hook 'Em Horns!

I'm pretty sure I've failed to share with you my love for Texas Football.  Well, now I'm here to tell you.  I bleed burnt orange.  Work has prevented me from attending a game this year.  Which is extremely unusual.  In college, I always had season tickets.  Sitting in the student section at a UT game is the most fun.  So much energy.  

Unfortunately, now that I'm off the parents payroll, I can't afford season tickets.  But, it's really easy to find someone selling tickets if you just show up to the stadium.  Walking around the tailgates is usually a good idea because there's always that one person who gets a little too tipsy to actually go to the game & they are more than happy to give you their ticket for a dirt cheap price...or usually even for free.

Image by aecela via Flickr

So this weekend is a HUGE game.  The "Red River Rivalry" formally known before PCness took over everything as the "Red River Shootout".  This game between Texas and OU is always held in Dallas at the Cotton Bowl.  The game always happens during the Texas State Fair which is pretty sweet.  You're always greeted by Big Tex & you can get roasted corn & funnel cakes...mmm...funnel cakes.

Unfortunately Jonathan & I won't be going to Dallas this weekend.  But, we'll be rooting on the Horns in our burnt orange gear from the comfort of our fabulous living room!

I ♥ Colt McCoy!  Hook 'Em Horns!!!  Beat the Hell Outta OU!


  1. hey honey well mema and I were checking out your site and she get's a hich out of reading your blog.... I love you and miss you I got up here to mema's just in time to watch the last two touch downs and see Colt jumping all over the place!!! I know you all were hooting and hollaring there in Austin. Any way glad that you have the time and place to watch it today and I and MEMA and RY love you soooooo much.....


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