September 7, 2008

Sorry, we only carry sizes 1, 3, and 5. You could try Sears?

Since I got married in December, I've gained a little weight...10 lbs to be specific. I'm by no means obese...let alone overweight. But, I'm much softer than I was a few months ago. I go through periods where this really bothers me (anytime someone mentions swimsuits) and then there are times when I don't even notice (when I'm wearing cute, fashionable, & flattering empire waist tops).

I'm fairly self conscious about my body & in the past few months I've gotten fed up with being embarrassed by my "softness" and so I've started going to the gym several time a week and watching what I eat. It's not helping. Not sure what it is. I don't think I've changed the way I eat between now and this time last year. So, this 10 lbs of yuck is really perplexing.

I'm at a really small trade show today & this customer comes & gives me a hug. I've met him at several shows over the years and he always takes time to chit chat with me and see what's new at the company.... I guess you could say we're trade show friends. So, this trade show friend comes over and the first thing out of his mouth after hugging me is, "Oooh, you're putting on weight!". I am shocked and I'm sure I made a horrendous face when I said, "uh, what?" and he patted his belly and repeated, "you're putting on weight" (with a grin & a wink)

I'm not sure what this guy was thinking when he mentioned that. Maybe he thinks I'm preggers...ah! ack! ugh! Maybe he thinks that's a good thing? Maybe he thought we were good enough friends that he could tease me about my new layer of blubber? I have no idea. Anyway you look at it, I was super uncomfortable.

I just laughed it off, "heh, yeah, got that newlywed weight." And I give a hearty laugh & pat my soft belly.

AAAHHHHH the humiliation!!!!

Did any of you gain a little newlywed weight? Has anyone every humiliated you by commenting on your weight publicly?

If not, can you please make up a story to make me feel better?! Thanks! :)


  1. Awww, is this man older? Usually it's old people that always point out when I've gained weight. I don't know if it's a generational thing or what, but it's never fun!

    My grandma is always the first to point out when I've lost or gained weight. She got me this book for Christmas AND my birthday one year, the same book. The South Beach Diet book. Thanks grannie, I got the hint, lol!

  2. I have had comments like that! It sucks! I have something to cheer you up. You will be on this site for a while. Michael Jacksons Thriller is on it along with many many more. I can't believe we loved this stuff.

  3. Lyla -
    He is probably in his early 40s. He's not quite old enough for me to laugh it off as something funny like "old people say the darndest things" you know? I think your grandma & my step-grandma could be friends... :)

    Krystal -
    Thanks for the link! I love it!

  4. I call it "happiness weight" and yeah I totally gained when I got together with my husband. People noticed and they told me I "looked better with some meat on me" so um.. that's a compliment..they complimented my fat? It's weird.

    He probably likes more meat on girls and thinks he's doing you a solid by noticing.

  5. heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy---- who is calling my baby girl chubbers'! it's an unwritten LAW- no one - no one can call my lil'chub-chub' chubby!!!!!!!!!! honey you are NOT- i repeat- NOT chubby by any means!--- now you tell everyone to just walk on if they have nothing precious and uplifting to say to my girl! cuz I love you every bit of you!!!!!


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