September 24, 2008

Austin City Limits Festival Day 2

ACL's Saturday line-up has lots of different options.  This is definitely the most jam-packed day for me.  Let's get started:

12:30pm - Old 97's
I haven't really listened to these guys much since my senior year of high school/freshman year of college.  I think getting my old groove back will be a good way to start the day.  

1:30pm - José González or The Fratellis
Both of these bands are awesome.  José González is actually Swedish! His music is great, but it might be a little too low key for a festival environment.  So, I have a feeling that Jonathan would rather see The Fratellis who are much more upbeat & more his style of music.  I'll be happy either way.  

3:00pm - MGMT & The Fratellis autograph signing
The custom schedule creator that ACL is using even shows you when bands are doing autograph signings.  I'm curious how this works at big festivals like this, so I kind of want to check it out.

3:30pm - CSS (Cansei de Ser Sexy)
This group looks like so much fun!  They are an electro/pop/punk band from Sao Paulo, Brazil...  Check out this live performance of "Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex" ...

5:30pm - MGMT
A group I know Jonathan will agree is a must see.  You know when a band gets to tour with Beck you're bound to see a great show...Excited about this one!!

6:30pm - John Fogerty
Not sure if we'll make it to see John Fogerty.  I think we'll be heading to a different stage to get a place for the 8:30 band.  Although I have always been a fan of CCR, so it would be awesome to see him...I can't fully commit to it because this stage (AMD) is all the way across the park from the AT&T stage where the 8:30 band will be playing... And as with all festivals, you've got to get there early if you want to get somewhat close to the stage.

8:30pm - Beck!!
Don't need to say much about this's just going to be awesome!

All these great bands & there's still one whole day to go.  If you're not sick to death of me forcing my music taste down your throat, I'll be posting Sunday's schedule very soon!

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