August 22, 2008

Live Music Capital of the World

Austin is such a great place to see live music.  Although to be honest, I've never lived in another major city, so my basis of comparison is by reputation alone....but,  I love that there are so many small venues around town where you can pop in almost any night and catch a great show. 

Mohawk was our venue of choice last night. Jonathan & I went with one of our friends, Kyle, to see Peel, White Denim & Brazos.  These are three really great local bands.  I was familiar with the first two and completely new to Brazos.

As with last time, Peel was almost done with their set when we arrived.  The two songs we did see where great.  The crowd was really into it last night and there was even an impromptu dance floor in front of the stage which was kinda crazy and oddly enough, seemed appropriate.

A short wait later and White Denim came on stage.  These guys had a packed show playing one song after another with little to no down time in between.  We were trying to decide how to best explain the style of White Denim.  We're reminded of bands like The Doors and Rolling Stones but then again not really.  Check out this Austinist article for a great description. Each one of the band members seems like they are amazing on their own & together they really put on a great energetic show.  

We took some amateur video at the concert last night...check it!

That was pretty much the highlight of the evening.  For some reason we missed the memo that Brazos was playing inside.  By the time we figured it out, the band was half way through and it was uber crowded.  The a/c inside Mohawk was having a hard time keeping up with the crowd.  The boys inched their way to the front near the stage and I stayed back by the bar & hung out under and air vent....I'm such a weenie.  On the plus side, I only got hit on once by a random dude who was smart enough to hit the road once I mentioned my husband in the other room.

All in all, it was a great night out in Austin!


  1. I dig it! I love Austin for these places, although I've heard of Mohawks I haven't been yet. Went to a wine bar on 4th and Congress for the first time last weekend however, Corks, and absolutely LOVED it! Have you been? They have "girl's night out" cards on the tables with hilarious questions to go around the table and laugh about; we literally closed the place down.

  2. I have never been a huge fan of live music. Then I found out that if I have a seat I enjoy it much more. I like to sit.

  3. Raychelle, I'm so glad you dig White Denim (and Mr. Steve in particular)! I am thrilled they've made it big - I totally plan on stopping by their stage at ACL this year!

    And cool blog lady!!!


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