September 24, 2008

Austin City Limits Festival Day 3

Now that I've been cataloging all the bands I intend to see at ACL, I'm starting to remember just how exhausting this event can be.  Assuming I make it to Sunday, here's where you can find me:

1:30pm - The Kills
In all honesty, we may not get to the festival grounds this early.  In the past it's been hard for us to get up & going on the last day of ACL.  But, if we do I'd like to check out The Kills.  They are another band that I found by listening to Pandora.  

5:30pm - Okkervil River
There's not really anyone I'm dying to see between The Kills & Okkervil River.  So, either we'll skip the first half of the day or we'll leave for a bit & head over to Chuy's for an afternoon margarita.  On to Okkervil River...I've yet to see this Austin band.  I hear wonderful things & this seems like an excellent opportunity to burst my Okkervil River cherry :)

6:30pm - White Denim
I love White Denim!  Yeah, I've seen them several times before, but I'd at least like to check out the first half of their set.  I may not stay for the whole thing because I'm pretty pumped about the 7:30 band...more about them in a minute.  Check out the awesomeness that is White Denim (the song doesn't really get started until about 40 sec into it):

7:30pm - Band of Horses
This may be the band I'm MOST excited about at ACL!!  There have been many a day at work where I just put both Band of Horses albums on repeat & that's all I listen to....I think it's just great music.  

8:30pm - Foo Fighters
I'm kind of ambivalent about this.  I know I shouldn't be, because like's the Foo Fighters!  I like the Foo Fighters alright & it's pretty cool that we're seeing them before they take a break.  But, I'm kinda "eh" about this.  I have a feeling I'm going to watch a song or two and then we'll head home to recoup before we have to return to the working world.  I will admit this acoustic version of "Everlong" is amazing:

Whew!  ACL 2008.  

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