July 7, 2008

The Lola Monster

Yesterday was a very important day in our home. It was Lola's second birthday. Lola Monster, our precious Boxer was brought into this world on July 6, 2008. Eight weeks later, she came to live in our nice, large third floor apartment. That day when we brought her home we weren't concerned with the late night potty breaks; the hundreds of up & down three flights of stairs we would do in hopes that someday she would stop pooping on our carpet; no, we were just thrilled to have a new member of the family.

Lola's first picture. Sitting in my lap on the way to her new home!

Though she's a little blurry, it's already clear what a darling little addition she would be to our family. How could you not love that face!? She was pretty timid which we attributed to the newness of the whole situation. We would soon find out that is just Lola's way. She's probably the gentlest dog I've ever met.

This is us sharing a little TV time on her first night in the apartment. She was sooo tiny!

Look how tiny she was compared to Peyton! That little purple collar...it's a cat collar! A gift from the future in-laws :)

One more picture from the early days before I move on:

Isn't this precious! Jonathan & Lola bonded right from the start

Happy birthday Lola! We're so happy to have you as member of our family!

Jonathan thinks it's a little odd that I can remember Lola's birthday. But, she was my first dog that I had all on my own...well, with Jonathan. She was OUR first pet together...this meant we were stuck! This was before we were engaged...so though we were living together, there were no technical commitments between us...Lola would be the first. Plus her birthday is just four days after mine...if that isn't meant to be I don't know what is!

I'm off to go hug my Lola Monster :) If you have a furry kid like we do...go give your little monster a hug too!


  1. Oh no...you have brought back memories of the first boxer in my life!(My ex bought a boxer when we were living together) Yours is beautiful and I'm so jealous you get to snuggle with her forever!

  2. I love boxers. Their ears SLAY me.

  3. How sweet. I totally know Rocco's birthday too... but mostly because its just a couple days after my husbands. Sure makes it easier to remember! Your little Lola is the cutest. I love going back and looking at puppy pics of Rocco. Makes me wonder where all the time had gone.

    Happy Birthday Lola.

  4. Too funny...my hubby is Jonathan and my pup is Lola! Great names if you ask me :)

  5. Lyla - Oops! Sorry to bring up thoughts of the ex.

    Loralee - Me too! Everytime. And the wiggle...the wiggle!

    Colleen - Looking at the puppy pics is always fun & makes me a little wistful for the puppy breath. As adults they may not be quite as adorable...but at least I don't have to clean up puppy poo off the floor everyday!

    La Petite Chic - I would say we have excellent taste!


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