December 18, 2008

Year Old Cake...

is totally disgusting! Seriously, who thought of this tradition of eating your wedding cake on your first anniversary?

This box has taken up almost a whole shelf in our freezer for a year. Which is really obnoxious because our freezer isn't very large to begin with so each square inch of space is very valuable when you eat lots of frozen dinners like we do!

So, we didn't remember that we were supposed to eat it until after we got home from dinner. Silly us.

So, I got the cake out & obviously it was hard as a rock. You can see in the above picture, we were a little afraid of this cake. So Jonathan got a big ole bread knife & cut into the frozen block of cake.

Yum... appetizing huh?

We defrosted the cake for a bit & then gathered up all our courage. We took the teeniest of bites. And unanimously decided that it was terrible.

Which is why the plate above still has cake on it! Along with pictures we documented the experience with my Flip. Check it:

Anniversary Cake from Raychelle G on Vimeo.


  1. I think this was the cutest video I have seen in my life! My mom is hanging on to our cake for eating on March 15...ick.

  2. Hee hee! Our eating of the cake topper was very similar to yours. All of that waiting for stale cake!


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