December 6, 2008

Etsy Goodness

Etsy.  I just can't get enough of it.  I opened my own shop about a year and half ago.  I tried to sell these beaded buckets that I made with my step mother.

I think it's cute (in a kitschy sort of way) and these have made a fun gifts for family & friends.  Eh, it didn't do so well.  I didn't sell a single one.  And a total of 5 people stopped by the shop. But, I'm not bitter...I'm still hooked on the Etsy goodness.  

In fact, with Etsy's help, I have already purchased 90% of this year's Christmas presents.  We can all use a little help shopping for gifts this time of year.  So, here are some of my favorite Esty shops this season.  Go check them out!

Bedhead is a local artist who makes awesome jewelry!  I can't get enough of these nest necklaces.  Plus, a portion of the shops proceeds are given to non-profit organizations at the end of every fiscal year.  Cute & caring!

Modernbird makes beautiful silver jewelry.  My favorites are her African Animals (like little baby Ellie above) and pretty much all of the Bird collection.  

Gemini Studio Art by Stephen Fowler is a shop with tons of great art to choose from.  My favorite are his typography collages like the one above.  

Boxnmor creates really interesting items out of wood.  I wanted to get this wine bottle holder but I couldn't decide on who to give it to so I bought a few little stocking stuffer things instead.

There were no less than 10 signs I wanted to purchase from Nese's Decor.  I won't mention which one I went with since too many people I know read this, but it's awesome...

Julie Boyles creates fabulous handmade journals.  Looking at the beauties in her shop makes me want to pick up journaling again.

This list is by no mean exhaustive of all my favorite shops, but I couldn't help but share some of my new favorites.

I'm sure you're way more tech savvy than me & you're already on top of the Etsy goodness.  But just in case you're not, if you want even more options Etsy has some AMAZING shopping tools.  My favorites are Gift Guides, Pounce, & Shop Local.  

Go shop handmade!  It's fun!


  1. That's so funny that you put that nest necklace up there. Eric and I bought one on Etsy for his mom for Christmas, only with eggplant colored eggs. This is a great selection--now you have me thinking about that wine bottle holder for my table...hmmm...

  2. I think I might have to get that necklace for my mom! Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Wow, that's some pretty cute stuff!

  4. I got an idea for the bucket . Make a couple of those kitschy things that are hanging into bottle openers that hang on the rim , and promote it for beer parties at the local college or tailgate spot. If you build it they will sell. I know an idiot..BUT , I would have bought one in my drinking days !! lol

  5. Elizabeth - the nest necklace will make a perfect gift for you MIL! let me know if you get the wine bottle holder...i'm interested to see how it works in real life.

    Sarah - Sweet!

    Michelle - Thanks!

    King of NY Hacks - Fabulous idea! Brilliant! I'm definitely going to do that.

  6. Fabulous items! I have someone for whom the wine collage and the bottle holder would be most excellent!


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